Sacred Heart Spotlight

Berchmans Student, Claude LaHaye, wins multiple awards at LSU Science and Engineering Fair

His project was, quite simply, about improving the sound of a duck call.  He made a total of six calls – two out of wood, two out of acrylic, and two of his new design.  He also had a control call that was purchased in a local store. He tested the hertz of each call and learned that the more dense the material the higher the hertz.  His new design consisted of a wood barrel with a wood/acrylic insert that gave a more desired sound.

LaHaye won the following awards at the LSU Science and Engineering Fair:

Broadcom Masters Award

Materials and Bioengineering – 1st Place

Naval Science Award – 1st Place

A.S.M. Materials Foundation – 1st Place

Airforce Recognition Award – 1st Place

Materials and Bioengineering Division – 1st place

LSU Science and Engineering Fair – Overall 2015 Winner

He will continue competing in the national Broadcom Masters competition which will be held in October.