Senior Timeline

Senior Year Checklist

August and September
  • Continue visiting colleges, if needed.
  • If you are applying to schools through Common App, (which is required by some colleges), create a Common App account at
  • Complete first draft of essay(s) and/or personal statement(s).
  • If needed, register and prepare for standardized tests. We will be taking the ACT in school September 29.
  • Narrow your college list to about 6-8 schools.
  • Find out what materials are needed for each college (testing, writing, supplemental materials, portfolio, resume, recommendations, etc.) and take note of all application deadlines, including scholarships.
    • Create a spreadsheet with this information to stay organized.
  • Keep an eye out for scholarships and begin applying for them. (Check the “College Cash” bulletin board for helpful scholarship information and handouts.)
  • If interested, attend National College Fair in Baton Rouge or New Orleans (usually late September or early October).
  • Speak with college representatives who visit campus.
  • Continue extracurricular involvement and do your best in school.
  • Meet with the college counselor, Ms. Mary Bourque, early and often.


  • Request teacher recommendations at least one month before application due dates. Make requests in person and then through Naviance. Provide teachers with any materials they need to write on your behalf.
  • Revise and rewrite essays and writing supplements.
  • Finalize college list, confirm with your parents and your college counselor, record it on Naviance, and know all application and scholarship deadlines for your schools.
  • Complete all rolling, early action, and early decision applications.
    • Request school reports and transcripts at least two weeks before due dates.
    • Submit a copy of completed applications for state universities (unless you are waiting to retake a standardized test).
  • Continue scholarship applications.
  • Complete the CSS Profile with your parents if you plan to seek financial aid and are applying to selective colleges that use the profile.
  • Speak with college representatives who visit campus.


  • November 1 or 15- early action/early decision applications typically due.
  • November 15- LSU application due for scholarship and Honors College consideration.
  • If needed, register for December testing.
  • Meet any scholarship deadlines.
  • Request teacher recommendations at least one month before application due dates.
  • Continue to work on essays and applications. Complete and submit a few this month. Feel free to submit them to the college counselor first for review.
    • Request transcripts and school reports at least two weeks prior to due dates.


  • December 1- Application deadline for some schools.
  • Try to complete all applications before Christmas break.
  • Verify that colleges have all necessary materials from you, including transcripts and official test scores.


*For more information, visit Ms. Bourque in the College Counseling office, located in the front of the library. You may also email,