Summer Packets

Please note:  There will be no supply list available for Upper School.  Teachers give the list of needed supplies on the first day of class.

Academy Lower & Upper School


PreK through 8th grade, please read Mrs. Hymel’s letter here.

Math- Upper School 

Incoming 9th through 12th grade, please read letter from Ms. Boudreaux here.

Every learning experience should be designed to reap the maximum benefit for the student.  In years past, SSH students have been assigned a math packet relating to the math class in which they are enrolled at the start of the next school year.  The purpose of this assignment was to provide students with practice over the summer months in order to aid in retention of the skills they acquired during the previous school year.

In our review of this practice, several trends became obvious.  For one, some students were completing the packet at the beginning of the summer break so that they did not have it “hanging over their heads” until August.  Another finding was that some students were procrastinating until summer’s end then completing the packet in the weeks (more often, the days) before the start of school.  There were even those students who simply refused to complete the packet and were willing to accept the academic consequences of that choice.  Needless to say, the intended purpose of the math packet did not yield the desired result.  The logical conclusion to this review is that a different approach is needed for a different outcome.

Therefore, the members of the Math department have determined that the math packet of previous summers will be replaced by a voluntary online Math program of the student’s choosing (with parental guidance, if needed).  The Math teachers have identified two programs that aid in the reinforcement of math skills: a) and b)  Students are encouraged to work with one of these programs throughout the summer months. Of course, students always have the option to use a program with which they are familiar.  The important factor is that the student practice her math skills during the weeks away from school so that there is no lapse in her learning.  The assessment will be how well the student is able to perform math tasks during the coming school year.

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact Ms. Carol Boudreaux ( or Mrs. Jenny McDonald (


ENGLISH – Upper School

English I Summer Reading Assignment 2016
English II Summer Reading Assignment 2016
English III Summer Reading Assignment 2016
English IV Summer Reading Assignment 2016
AP Summer Reading Assignment 2016
Lower School

PK-4 Summer Reading 2016-17
Kindergarten Summer Reading 2016-17
1st Grade Summer Reading 2016-17
2nd Grade Summer Reading 2016-17
3rd Grade Summer Reading 2016-17
4th Grade Summer Reading 2016-17
5th Grade Summer Reading 2016-17
6th Grade Summer Reading 2016-17
7th Grade Summer Reading 2016-17
8th Grade Summer Reading 2016-17


AP US History

If you are enrolled in  AP US History, please review this material and be prepared to discuss it the first week of school.

Social Studies Summer Reading 2016


Academy Lower School Supply Lists, 2016-2017

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