Why A Girl’s School?

When it comes to preparing young women for college and for life, it’s important to remember that girls learn differently from boys.  We get that at the Academy, which is why we take our students out of the textbooks and into the world of learning – encouraging them to be problem solvers and independent thinkers.

This independence helps to prepare our students for whatever challenges life brings, while also giving them the chance to discover who they are, and more importantly, who they want to be.

The Academy offers an innovative program that focuses on the unique educational needs of girls. 

It is of the very essence of Sacred Heart education that it be deeply concerned for each student’s total development: intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. The intention of Sacred Heart education is to educate the “whole child.” We strive to educate our students to be faith-filled and effective leaders of tomorrow. We teach according to the ways that each gender learns best, and we encourage our students to identify their individual talents and to develop them to their fullest potential.


Current research clearly points to the effectiveness of single-gender education for young women. Today, the demands placed on women emphasize the need to develop a sense of confidence and ability. Graduates of girls’ schools account for a significant percentage of women in leadership positions.

All girls’ schools give young women the knowledge to succeed in college and in the world. Girls’ school alumnae start college with a number of significant advantages, including:

  • 10% more girls’ school graduates rate their confidence in math and computer abilities high compared to their peers from co-ed schools.
  • Girls’ school alumnae are three times more likely than their co-ed peers to consider pursuing careers in engineering.
  • Female graduates of single-gender independent schools spend more time studying, talking with teachers outside of class, and tutoring peers.
  • More girls’ school graduates consider college a stepping stone to graduate school.
  • 45% of girls’ school graduates rate their public speaking ability as high, compared to 39% of their peers from co-ed schools.


At the Academy of the Sacred Heart, girls’ voices are heard and their accomplishments are numerous. Students take center stage and focus on developing the very best in themselves. Girls’ confidently voice their opinions, develop critical thinking skills, and embrace new opportunities. The combination of community, culture and climate offered by the Academy makes single-gender education a powerful and transformative experience.