While every aspect of a student’s life at the Academy of the Sacred Heart is meant to form her into a confident, knowledgeable individual, the academic program is designed to develop within each student critical thinking, clarity of thought as expressed orally and verbally, analytical skills, and a creative imagination for what the future might be. In a single gender environment tailored to how girls best learn, from the youngest students to the graduating class, each one is taught that her contribution to the school community is of value. Finding one’s voice, whether through an oral presentation, a research project, a performance, or as an expression of art, is an essential aspect of a Sacred Heart education. When a student knows her own voice, she can become the confident, learned, loving individual that our world so needs. Sacred Heart graduates know that they can change the world when they apply their minds and hearts, and this is because the program at Sacred Heart has not only given them the tools they need, but has also helped them see a vision and find a voice.