Community service is an important part of the academic program at the Schools of the Sacred Heart. The community service program is one way in which the school implements Goal Three of Sacred Heart education, to “educate to a social awareness which impels to action.”

The community service program also invites students to:

  • understand the plight of those who suffer and to work to end their suffering
  • break down barriers and stereotypes that prevent us from recognizing the value and dignity of each person
  • examine the root causes of situations of injustice
  • act as responsible socially engaged citizens
  • establish lifelong habits of serving others
  • learn how to balance community service with school, athletics, family, and social commitments.

Types of Service

Community service may take the form of direct service, indirect service, and advocacy. Students at the Academy of the Sacred Heart are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of service activities in order to learn more about the needs of their community and the diverse ways that those needs may be addressed. Direct service involves working ‘face to face’ with needy individuals or communities to respond to their needs. Indirect Service is acts that work to strengthen the community through “behind the scenes” activities qualifies as indirect service. Advocacy involves raising awareness about social issues, challenging people to get involved, and engaging in social action.

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