BEING ON THE CUTTING-EDGE of education and learning is a hallmark of Sacred Heart education. Students are actively engaged in programs that promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). A one-to-one Tablet PC program in Grades 7-12 provides students with ubiquitous access to technology and the Internet, allowing students to use these tools seamlessly across the curriculum to enhance research, writing, and computational skills, and provides project based learning.

3-D printers, on campus allow students to give life to their mental ideas. Through the use of design software, students are able to construct 3-D models of what their minds have imagined, as well as design and fabricate parts for robots and other projects. Nurturing the imaginations of students is a clear focus of the program as the school educates in the art of design. There are activities, options, and opportunities for all ages or age groups.  Tinkering is one of the best ways to grow creatively and let the imagination soar. The classrooms are equipped with many basic areas that will grow as our students’ ideas and needs emerge.

NAO ROBOTS are an integral part of the educational program at the Academy. Students take great delight in being able to construct and program these robots to respond to their commands! Knowing that real learning takes place when students are able to construct their own learning and make sense of their surroundings, the robotics program allows students to delve deeper into scientific, engineering, and math concepts. Working as a team for competitions with the robots fosters community and creativity and develops leadership and problem-solving skills.