LOWER SCHOOL (PreK3 – 7th)

Pre-Primary (PreK3-Kindergarten)
Primary (1st-4th)
In the Primary School, the hands-on curriculum and skilled, caring teachers enable each student to discover the joy of learning and problem-solving from the beginning of their school years. The Primary years provide a nurturing environment that supports each student as their potential unfolds in light of the Goals and Criteria for Sacred Heart Schools. Teachers work closely with individual students and with small groups to ensure differentiated learning throughout the curriculum. Primary students participate in special school celebrations that encourage faith, sharing, gratitude, respect and community spirit while educating to instill self-confidence and leadership.

Preparatory (5th -7th)
In the Preparatory Years, faculty members trained and experienced in working with this age group implement a program that meets the spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional needs of students during these years of rapid growth and change. The challenging curriculum lays a firm foundation for upper school and beyond by helping students to strengthen their basic skills while thinking in an increasingly abstract manner and mastering more specialized content. Students grow personally through clubs, leadership opportunities, service opportunities and the peer support program. Students follow a schedule of departmentalized and interdisciplinary classes that are small and taught by teachers with specialization in the subject areas.

UPPER SCHOOL (8th – 12th)

Academics (8th-12th)
The Schools of the Sacred Heart prepares students for college; thus, the high school academic program is strong and challenging. Each year, 100 percent of the Academy’s graduates are accepted to colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad. Teaching sections average 15 students each. Students may participate in an exchange program with other Sacred Heart Schools in the United States and abroad for nine weeks.

BOARDING SCHOOL (8th – 12th)
Residential facilities are available for girls in grades 8-12. The boarding school attracts students who are academic achievers and who have a strong desire to succeed and contribute positively to the Sacred Heart community. The residential program offers planned activities each weekend and fosters the ideals of independence, leadership and personal responsibility, as well as the building of community in both the boarding and day schools.

The International Program provides an immersion experience for English language learners that is tailored to each student’s individual level of English proficiency. Students are given an initial language assessment to determine placement and are mainstreamed to the greatest extent possible.  IP courses are designed to improve participants’ skills in speaking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing. The IP program also encourages international students to learn about American culture while sharing their own cultures with their peers. International students often plan cultural events for the rest of the school to learn from and enjoy. Participants in the program have come from Latin American and Asian countries.