What is the class size?

15-20 students per class

What happens during school holidays?

There are four major school holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mardi Gras, and Easter/Spring Break. The boarding school remains open for all school holidays except for Christmas Break.

What do the boarders do on the weekends?

The boarding school staff plans outings and activities during the weekends including group dinner out on Saturday evenings. Common outings include shopping, movies, bowling, laser tag, pottery painting, hiking and kayaking, art museum, cultural concerts, and community service projects.

What if my daughter gets sick while at school?

In the case of illness, a school nurse evaluates and determines if a doctor is necessary. If so, the boarding school will schedule a doctors appointment with a local physician.

How does my daughter do her laundry?

The boarding school has several washers and dryers for the boarders to use. If your daughter does not know how to use the machines, the staff will gladly teach her.

How does my daughter get spending money?

Parents may set up weekly allowance with the Business Office or parents may provide a debit/credit card for their daughter.
Suggested weekly allowance is $35-40 USD.

Can boarders have personal cellphones and laptops?

Personal electronics are allowed and encouraged.

What sports are available for my daughter to participate in?

Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Cross Country, Track and Field, Swimming, and Equestrian