Lower School



A CLOSE KNIT ENVIRONMENT allows for each student to be known and loved uniquely. A strong sense of community allows for each one to flourish and to be supported by her sisters, both young and old. In our lower school, children are encouraged to be who they are, while also learning to respect the rights and boundaries of others. Learning to share and learning to care about others help to foster a nurturing environment. Age-appropriate instruction in an open atmosphere, along with play and celebrations, encourages each child to grow in her ability to think, act, and take responsibility. The partnership of parents, teachers and administrators facilitates a supportive environment where students flourish.

The academic program includes religion, language arts, math, science, social studies, French, music, theater, art and physical education. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. Students participate in age appropriate service learning activities designed to provide experiences of reciprocity, therefore benefiting all participants.

In addition to academics other experiences of student formation include liturgies, chapel services, assemblies and athletic programs. These also provide opportunities for recognition of achievement.