As a member of the worldwide network of Sacred Heart schools, Berchmans Academy emphasizes the total development of mind, body, and spirit through an  education rooted in the Catholic tradition. Students thrive in an environment characterized by seriousness of purpose, love of learning, creativity, and meaningful relationships. Berchmans is committed to educating young men to a lively sense of God’s action in their lives, to a serious understanding of the world, and to a courageous confidence that every person can make a difference.

The Sacred Heart mission seeks to develop within each student a personal & active faith in God. Students at Berchmans study the teachings of the Church at every grade level, participate in sacramental and devotional life, and embrace the social responsibilities shared by all Christians.

“Rooted in the Catholic tradition, Berchmans welcomes people of diverse beliefs and seeks to instill in its students a deep understanding and respect for people of different cultures and religions.”

The goal at Berchmans is to develop life-long learners, with an emphasis on individual thought and experiential instruction, religious curriculum, active learning, small classes and a professional faculty committed to the learning styles of young men. A commitment to writing is also evident in the increased class time for language arts to include writing periods.

At Berchmans, students are introduced to great works of literature from around the world through our Great Books program while building their reading, thinking and communication skills.

Mathematics continues to focus on active learning while emphasizing problem-solving and analytical thought. The program is designed to build upon the coursework in the school by providing a strong foundation for future academic growth.

Science instruction is activity based with emphasis on experiments and scientific methods in the life, physical and Earth sciences. The social studies curriculum enhances the students’ awareness and understanding of people and global issues by exploring history.

The religion program is a continuation of the school curriculum. It strives to heighten student awareness of their own spirituality and guide them towards ethical decision making.

In addition to being integrated through the curriculum, technology instruction begins in lower school and continues into middle school. The focus of this instruction is ethical and proper usage and keyboarding skills. Students also continue their courses in Spanish, music, art, technology and physical education.

Why a Boys’ School?

When it comes to preparing young men for college and for life, it’s important to remember that boys learn differently from girls.  We get that at Berchmans, which is why we take our students out of the textbooks and into the world of learning – encouraging them to be problem solvers and independent thinkers.

This independence helps to prepare our students for whatever challenges life brings, while also giving them the chance to discover who they are, and more importantly, who they want to be.

Berchmans Academy, named in honor of the Jesuit saint who appeared to a young woman in the religious community and cured her of a fatal illness, offers an innovative program that focuses on the unique educational needs of boys. Berchmans Academy is the only opportunity for single-gender education for boys in the Acadiana region.

It is of the very essence of Sacred Heart education that it be deeply concerned for each student’s total development: intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. The intention of Sacred Heart education is to educate the “whole child.” We strive to educate our students to be faith-filled and effective leaders of tomorrow. We teach according to the ways that each gender learns best, and we encourage our students to identify their individual talents and to develop them to their fullest potential.