Why all boys?



When it comes to preparing young men for college and for life, it’s important to remember that boys learn differently from girls.  We get that at Berchmans, which is why we take our students out of the textbooks and into the world of learning – encouraging them to be problem solvers and independent thinkers.

This independence helps to prepare our students for whatever challenges life brings, while also giving them the chance to discover who they are, and more importantly, who they want to be.

Berchmans Academy offers an innovative program that focuses on the unique educational needs of boys. Berchmans Academy provides the only opportunity for single-gender education for boys in the Acadiana region.


Data consistently confirms that single-gender programs are more effective than co-ed programs. Studies of developmental differences between genders and of different school environments show that boys learn better in an environment that:

  • gives them tasks, asks them to apply knowledge, and lets them learn by doing
  • encourages teachers to speak clearly, slowly, and more loudly in the classroom
  • provides boys with regular feedback and coaches them on their performance and progress
  • recognizes boys are motivated more by what interests them rather than what pleases adults
  • encourages boys to discuss, write, and draw about action rather than feelings
  • uses games and provides opportunities for competition
  • gives boys their own personal space and the freedom to move
  • does not compare them to girls


Boys’ schools tailor the curriculum to the way boys learn. Teachers keep the classroom loud and lively and never stop moving. A boy never knows where the teacher will be 20 seconds from now. Teachers speak in a loud voice and involve every student. The first task of any teacher who teaches boys is to get them interested. Boys’ schools have a natural advantage, tailoring the curriculum to topics that interest boys and teaching in ways that keep them engaged.

Berchmans Academy has taken the research to heart in curriculum and program designs. As a result, we are a school where boys thrive!