Science BA

At Berchmans Academy, boys become young men in an environment that encourages responsibility and ownership for one’s learning, and fully utilizes the means in which boys learn best. Play is an essential part of the learning for all young children, it is allows for creativity and leadership to develop at an early age. The natural beauty and habitat of the campus provide spaces for play and laboratories for learning about nature. The development of critical thinking and the imagination through exploration and hands-on experiences are also key aspects of the learning environment. In an atmosphere in which boys are allowed to “tinker,” knowledge and skills are obtained and critical thinking and imagination are enhanced. In addition to the standard curriculum, programs such as the robotics program and internships with the technology department, allow older students to continue to enhance their learning through play and “tinkering.” A strong language arts program, with a focus on writing, compliments the activity oriented aspects of the program by giving students the skills needed to best express themselves orally and verbally. The creative skills and imagination are further developed through music classes and the visual arts.