Academic Support

The framework for the Academic Support Program aligns closely with Goal Two: to educate students toward a deep respect for intellectual values. This starting point acknowledges the intrinsic motivation and natural curiosity that all children possess when contexts exist in which they are allowed to be risk-takers and feel competent. Currently, academic support includes speech, language, and hearing screenings, and individualized support plans for students with disabilities. Services are provided for qualifying students in grades PreK3-12. Students with attention deficits or learning disabilities may need extra support to learn new information in the classroom, despite working as hard as their classmates. Just as a student in a wheelchair would require extended time during P.E. to go around the track, students with intrinsic learning disabilities may need additional time or more repetition to access a challenging classroom curriculum. It is our sincere hope that this year, and in the years to come, our students will have supports available to achieve classroom success and will learn to advocate for their own needs after they leave our program.


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