Academic Support

The framework for the Academic Support Program aligns closely with Goal Two: to educate students toward a deep respect for intellectual values. This starting point acknowledges the intrinsic motivation and natural curiosity that all children possess when the learning environment allows them to be risk-takers and feel competent. Students with attention deficits or learning exceptionalities may need extra support to become successful learners. These supports may include classroom accommodations, individual tutoring sessions, homework assistance, and programmed reading enrichment.

Our academic support staff includes a full-time coordinator and service provider, as well as other degreed and experienced tutors who are contracted to work with students on campus. All on campus tutors are required to complete training and certify through the Diocese of Lafayette Safe Environment Office. Information about fees for Academic Support and tutoring can be obtained through the Admissions Office or by contacting the Academic Support Coordinator, Mrs. Leslie Davis, at


Download the Homework Helpers Tutoring Policy here.

Download the registration form for Homework Helpers/Tutoring and Academic Support here.