Students who participate in athletics are more likely to perform better in school. For boys, the athletic program fosters camaraderie, healthy competition, and leadership, while developing physical and motor skills.

The physical education program helps to develop athletic skills and to encourage safe and healthy participation in sports. Boys need outlets for their pinned up energy! Daily exercise in a multitude of ways allows for the release of this energy so that each one can focus on class activities.
Berchmans Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Educators of Louisiana Athletic League. Member schools from across the state compete against each other in four high school team sports: 8-man Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball. Berchmans also competes in the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) at the JV level of competition in the sports of Cross Country, Swimming, and Track & Field.

Football – Varsity

There shall be no Berchmans Academy football season for the 2020-21 school year.  Schools of the Sacred Heart shall have no responsibility for, sponsorship of, interest in, association with, supervision of, insurance coverage for, or liability arising out of any football-related activities, including but not limited to try-outs, physicals, work-outs, practices, training, scrimmages, games, cheerleading, travel, etc.  Any students, coaches, trainers, volunteers, or other persons engaged in football-related activities shall do so independently of and without the approval, affiliation, association, authorization, or blessing of the Schools of the Sacred Heart.  No persons associated with such football-related activities are authorized to hold themselves out as being affiliated with Berchmans Academy of Schools of the Sacred Heart.

Cross country
U6 (PreK and K)
U8-1 (1st – 2nd grades)
U8-2 (1st – 2nd grades)
U10-1 (3rd – 4th grades)
U10-2 (3rd – 4th grades)
U12 (5th – 6th grades)
Varsity (7th-12th grades)

Basketball – Open for boys in 5th through 12th grades.
Baseball – open for boys in 5th through 12th grades.
Golf – School teams are open for boys in 5th through 8th grades, Upper School team will be added
Tennis – JV
Track and Field – Open for boys in 5th through 12 grades.
Swimming – Open for boys in 5th through 12 grades.


Athletic Forms

Download athletic packet here
Athletic Participation-Parental Permission
Medical History-Medical Exam on Letter
LHSAA Substance Abuse-Misuse Contract

The following athletic forms are required for participation in the athletic program offered at Berchmans Academy of the Sacred Heart and are included in the athletic packet above:

  • Insurance Information
  • Student Athlete Medical Information and Questionnaire
  • Permission to Provide Medical Treatment
  • LHSAA Athletic Participation/Parental Permission Form
  • LHSAA Medical History Evaluation
  • LHSAA Substance Abuse Misuse Form
  • LHSAA Parent and Student Athlete Concussion Statement (with attached fact sheet)