Berchmans Academy, the single-gender boys division of Schools of the Sacred Heart at Grand Coteau, is one of over twenty schools of the Sacred Heart throughout the United States and over one hundred and fifty worldwide. Each is marked by the distinctive spirit of the foundress, Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, and seeks to educate the whole child – spirit, mind, and body. The philosophy of these schools is expressed in the following manner: Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to:

  • A personal and active faith in God
  • A deep respect for intellectual values
  • A social awareness which impels to action
  • The building of community as a Christian value
  • Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

This philosophy of education, which has so successfully informed instruction in Sacred Heart schools all over the world since 1800, mandates that learning take place in a flexible, child-centered community; that it engage the total child in the process of growth and development; and that, on all levels, it be intellectually challenging.

The curriculum plan is an attempt to capture in words the environment, the experiences, the processes, the skills, and the content offered to the children entrusted to the care of Berchmans Academy.

Berchmans Primary School Curriculum

Berchmans Prep School Curriculum

Berchmans Upper School Course Offerings