Student Life

Every aspect of a student’s life at Sacred Heart is meant to be about the formation of the person. With a focus on what is developmentally appropriate for each age, the program is design to encourage the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, moral, and physical formation of the student. Recognizing that learning is much more than what is learned from textbooks and within classroom walls, student life at Sacred Heart provides opportunities for students to grow in other areas. The spiritual life of each student is fostered through times of prayer and school liturgies. A strong community outreach program, which includes local opportunities to be of service, as well as mission trips, helps students know their responsibility to those who are marginalized and most in need.  A rich co-curriculuar program, that includes student-generated activities and clubs, builds community and allows for the development of leadership skills. An athletic program, composed of team and individual sports, allows students to develop physical skills and a lifelong love of sports. The natural environment of the 255 acre campus allows for space for contemplation, play, and exploration. Through private instrumental music lessons and drama productions, students can further their interests in the performing arts. A unique aspect of the student life program at Sacred Heart is the equestrian program, which includes dressage, hunter/jumper and western pleasure classes.

Whether learning a musical instrument, playing a sport, riding a horse, holding a class meeting, or serving in a soup kitchen, the activities and experiences of the student life program at Sacred Heart are all designed to empower young people as tomorrow’s leaders.