Lower School

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The  Lower School at Berchmans Academy educates young men in PreK3 – 7th grade.

The school is under the direction of Mrs. Angie Boagni, Lower School Division Head, who prepares an environment in which each child comes to see himself as both a unique individual and a valued member of the community.

A small school environment allows for each student to be known and loved uniquely. A strong sense of community allows for each one to flourish and to be supported by his Sacred Heart brothers, both young and old. In the lower school, children are encouraged to be who they uniquely are, while also learning to respect the rights and boundaries of others. Age-appropriate instruction in nurturing, supportive atmosphere, along with play and celebrations, encourages each child to grow in his ability to think, act, and develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Classes form a community of children and teachers who join together daily to pray, share, learn, and grow. At assemblies students pray together and share life experiences. They celebrate events of the liturgical and secular year; and they receive instruction in the lifelong guidelines of Christian living. This is also a time when the Head or the Dean of Students may introduce thematic units of study to challenge the intellect, programs of social awareness to encourage care for others, and enjoyable activities that engage each child in social interactions beyond his immediate circle of classroom friends.

Berchmans Academy offers a challenging and supportive curriculum that is based upon the Goals and Criteria for Sacred Heart Schools in the United States and upon an understanding of how boys learn best.

A growing body of research shows that boys learn and develop differently from girls and that single gender programs are more educationally effective than coeducational ones. We, at Berchmans Academy, have embraced these findings to create an outstanding school for boys in the Acadiana area. From major decisions about the design and operation of the school to small everyday details of running a classroom, we have created a culture that is always asking: “What is best for boys?”

At Berchmans Academy, “curriculum” refers to more than the scope and sequence of academic subjects. Curriculum represents the planning, implementation, experiences, and system for developing the entire student. This includes the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical dimensions of student growth.