Clubs and Co-curriculars


Honor Council is a group of student-chosen leaders who plan and implement activities which further integrity, honesty, civility, inclusiveness, responsibility, etc… in the upper school and wider community.  With skits, games, and clever use of email, the Honor Council reminds the entire community to daily live the Goals and Criteria.

National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization that recognizes outstanding achievements by high school students across the country.” Students in the Barat Chapter of NHS are expected to display excellence in scholarship, leadership, service and character–characteristics that have been associated with the organization since its inception in the 1920s.  The members of the Barat Chapter of NHS give of their time and talent as tutors to SSH elementary and early upper school students.

Social Justice Club is an Upper School group of students that commit themselves to bettering the immediate community surrounding us. This includes collecting items for organizations such as the Thensted Center and activities with local schools with the goal of assisting and bringing comfort to those in need our community.

Campus Ministry Team The Upper School team serves as the religious leaders of the Upper School. The club’s main purpose is to organize and carry out the regular and special occasion Masses.  The club also says Morning Prayer each morning and organizes prayer services for religious holidays as well as organizing retreats, both on and off campus for various grade levels.

Environmental Club works to unite the student body in the fight for environmental preservation. Their efforts include recycling, volunteering, and educating each other about the issues that threaten the wellbeing of the environment. They also conduct fundraisers to local animal shelters and environmental organizations. The club motto is “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Quiz Bowl is a team that competes in academic tournaments, both locally and at the state level. A team of five students answer questions in regular and lightening rounds of play where knowledge, speed, and accuracy all come into play.

Literary Rally The Rally Team participates at the District Literary Rally at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. Team members are chosen by teachers and compete by testing in a specific subject area test. Areas include art, photography, foreign languages, maths, sciences, social studies, English, etc. Those placing first, second, or third go on to compete at the state level, held annually at Louisiana State University.